As a nurse, learning never stops. You have to maintain your license, obtain CE credits, certifications, and facility education requirements. Hospitals have tried several ways to have all nurses compliant. By providing lunch and learns, take home packets, mandatory staff meetings, or coming in on your day off to complete all your requirements. Many nurses get frustrated with this, they don’t want to stay after there shift, or come in on there day off, or read a packet of information. Many hospitals are now using E-learning, which is a form of online education. Each healthcare worker is assigned there list of courses to complete with a due date. Managers are able to track who is compliant. CE courses are even provided. Nurses can access this at work or at home. The company I work for even provides e-learning courses free of charge for hospital nurses. For example if JACHO arrives and ask you to prove if there staff is competent with a product. As the manager you can pull up there e-learning records and show proof of completion. Making our busy nurse lives easier!!

Continuing Education Credits and Courses online

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