Successful Implementation of New Clinical Systems


Being part of the implementation team for new clinical systems or major upgrades is always exciting, albeit stressful and frustrating at time. The programmers have to ensure each system communicated with each other where applicable. We have recently opened an Urgent Care Unit (UCU). It was decided that an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), and not the current system would better manage the UCU. After the installation of the EDIS, there were the lots testing on the test site before going on to production or live site. The test patients to be admitted, the orders to had to be enter, along with height, weight and allergies. The Lab, radiology, and dietary check their systems to ensure the orders came across as intended. It was discovered that right and left indicators did not show on the other systems. That had to be fixed. Field had to be mapped. Mnemonics had to match. The EDIS had to change a few mnemonics to match the existing mnemonics in lab and radiology. Dietary orders were placed and received as were intended. Then the patients were discharged or transferred to an inpatient status. The test showed the discharges went well. There were some minor hiccups with the transfers, easily fixed by the analysis and programmers. The training for the end users had not been forgotten. The trainers were trained to give instruction to the end user. Finally, the application goes live, after some minor issues It was a success! The next project? Changing the emergency department over to the new EDIS. Being part of the implementation team is rewarding!

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