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Project Managers – Managing Projects

June 1, 2009

The project manager must know what the project is, what it is suppose to accomplish, and the time frame it in which should be accomplished in. They must also be aware of the budgetary constraints. The project manager needs to form a team to work on the project with. Each team, and team member, must be aware of his or her responsibility to the team and the project. They must know goals and expectations. To be successful, the project manager must be able to delegate tasks. The project should be broken down in parts and each part be given to the team best suited for completion of that task. In project managements they must be lots of communication. The project manager must be able to communicate with the team (s), individually and as groups. There must be regular scheduled meetings to gage and monitor progress, and to feed back to the stakeholders the progress of the project. These meeting should also include the vendors and the clients of the project and where necessary the end-users. The project manager should keep clear documentation on the progress of the project, to ensure the stakeholders are kept up to date with the progress of the project. This documentation should show any problems encountered during the implementation process, what steps were taken to fix the problem or any changes that were made, and the rational behind the changes. Regular progress reports, and information sharing are essential to good project management and project completion.

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