Brain Physiology


Chapter 1 of Montague: Physiology for Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition was a great review of cell structure and function as well as a basic review of the human body. In my day to day practice which is a critical care level post anesthesia care unit we utilize the computer for everything, medication administration, charting, diagnostic study results as well as communicating with our anesthesiologists for stat orders and updates on patient conditions. I noticed that I integrated the information in Chapter one when reviewing diagnostic data (i.e., labs, ABG’s, Chest X Rays etc). I was more cognizant of how the amounts of fluid given during the operative period impacts healing and recovery. I thought longer about the patient’s pre surgical state of health and where it was in comparison of homeostasis. I am a very visual learner and online learning allows me to quickly research different aspects of topics I am studying and find sites that put my topic in a visual format. For example, there is a site for kids called that, while it is for kids (through high school) it presents, for example, cell division so that I can see it step by step. There are several other sites I will also utilize for this course taught by Dr. Johnson. I don’t think a nurse can practice in a healthcare setting today without utilizing computer/electronic data systems.

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