The use of computer aided equipment in the recovery room, comment


This seems like such an odd thing to me. To
have paid professionals (nurses) trained specifically in physical
assessment, in a sense deemed unable to perform what they are paid to
do. I understand the need for there to be accountability and to ensure
that patients are consistently safe as there will be some nurses who
may not be strong in their assessment skills. However, I find it rather
surprising that the answer is then to provide another form of
technology to in a sense do the job for them. I feel this is a good
example, as far as I understand the situation to be, of how far we can
take informatics and technology in healthcare, but may be
inappropriate, or at least unnecessary. I feel in this situation, that
we should not use technology to replace a trained professional’s
judgment. If the judgment is inconsistent, then better train those whom
judgment you need (i.e. nurses). It is always better in medicine to use
the acquired skills of a person in matters of judgment as not all
things in medicine are cut and dry. Some take the a sense of well
trained eye instead.

Original Post:
May 17, 2009
Title; The use of computer aided equipment in the recovery room
The hospital where I am currently working utilizes a computer system
that connects to monitors placed on the patient and determines the
level of the patient’s recovery and when they are deemed safe to
release from the recovery room. I call into question the dependence on
this type of equipment and believe that assessing what the patient is
doing physically is a better indicator of when a patient is ready to be
transferred out of the recovery room. The use of Cholinergic
Antagonists such as rocuronium and a Parasympathomimetic such as
Neostigmine as well as the use of Neophenylephrine an Alpha Adrenergic
Agonist all affect the patient’s ability to meet criteria. Chapter two
in Dr. Johnson’s course discusses the importance of a patient’s
underlying illnesses when assessing neurological function. The use of
an Alpha Adrenergic Agonist is going to increase blood pressure. In a
patient with poor lung compliance, recovery from rocuronium may take
longer despite the administration of Neostigmine. I have utilized the
enhanced knowledge I received in reading about Control and Coordination
out of “Physiology for Nursing Practice” in assessing patients. I find
that the computer’s indication that a patient meets discharge criteria
is significantly different than my hands on assessment. It is
concerning to me in this environment of moving patient’s in and out
faster that we are depending more on machines than we are on our senses
and assessments skills.

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