“The Purpose, Structure, and Function of Health Care Information Departments”


A review of Health Care Informatics – An Interdisciplinary Approach
Englebardt/Nelson – Chapters 6

“The Purpose, Structure, and Function of Health Care Information Departments”
The Health Care System has many administrative departments that require IT services which may include: registration, materials management, general accounting.  In addition, many clinical departments such as, operating room, same day surgery, radiology, pharmacology, and laboratory necessitate assistance from their respective information services.  I found it interesting to read that tension often builds within the organization between the IS department and the respective end user.  I see this more as a lack of accountability from both the clinical manager and information system manger.  In addition, it was stated that most IS staff members believe it the responsibility of the user department staff.  I relished in the solution by integrating a health care informatics specialist to help bridge the technical and clinical worlds.  Likewise, I have located software that I have found imperative for my vocation, but the software has to be “approved” by the IS department.  Eventually the approval comes through and the end user is ultimately responsible.  I see the value of “niche software” because each department should have a valid input of what their needs are and not “corporate” mandates.

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