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I started Dr. Johnson’s Public Health Nursing course in December of 2008. I have been a RN for 25 yrs; my background is in ER, general surgery and neurosurgery. I have been working as a Community Health Nurse for almost 2yrs now, mostly World Health Immunization. It’s a great job and I am hoping this course will take me to the next level as I am starting to develop programs for the general population on Health prevention, i.e. cardiovascular wellness. The course is challenging for me as I am learning a lot about the American standards and I am from Canada. I look forward to the next few months. In regards to Nursing informatics, I thought a good topic of discussion was on communication. Not only is this course challenging for me as I am having to go into unfamiliar territory with the forums but I thought the one article Shoptalk: Bringing communication together; was very interesting the author clearly brings up the point of our telecommunications society in medicine! Everything I do at work revolves around data entry; long gone are the days of just giving immunizations I now have to record them in the computer data base; do a running total of all injections at the end of each day and so on. I have to use specific hardware; pass cards to access several different sites. I have more passwords to remember then I care to! However because I work in a specific environment, my pts. records are accessible throughout all connecting centres across Canada I guess it’s not all bad. It has been difficult to adjust as a Nurse who came from bedside Nursing but I am slowly getting there.

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    This introduces a pleasingly rtaniaol point of view.

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