This class has opened my eyes to the world of health care informatics


This class has opened my eyes to the world of health care informatics.
Today I was attending a task force meeting about bringing a medical home
model for medically complex children to the facility I work for.  The topic
of effective communication about patient care took most of the discussion
time.  It is frustrating to me to know that there are effective computer
programs available to encompass all aspects of patient care and we are
talking about adding one that would just be another layer of programs.  What
I mean by that is we are talking about using a program that we already know
is limiting in its abilities.  Yes we will be able to see dictated notes,
homecare, DME companies and insurance information, however we will not be
able to access labs and monitor office visits scheduled and kept. These are
vital parts to patient care that we would have to access in other computer
programs and not all the services have access to the appointment system.
From this course I have learned the pros and cons of informatics.
Hopefully, I can convey the information I have learned to the group so that
an educated decision can be made on choosing an appropriate computer
program to share information between specialist and the primary care provider.

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