Advanced Health Assessment II online


So far, this has been a very interesting mode of learning. It is different for me as I never thought I could learn via an online course, but necessity really is the mother of invention. The activities are enlightening. I missed a lot more than I thought i would, not that I thought I wouldn’t miss a lot. Computer technology allows me to go back and redo and that reinforces the information. I especially enjoy being able to view graphic pictures of conditions, such as herpes, chicken pox, vitilgo, and others. Even viewing instrument, most of which I have used, has helped me to really know what the book is talking about before I bring it to the clinical setting. I was excited to actually see in person and use the translluminator. The color of fungus is actually kind of pretty. I also like being able to learn the advanced terminology or at least the terminology that advanced health care practitioners use. I wish the computer programs would give the pronunciations of some of the words. I find myself afraid to say them in front of other practitioners because of my fear that I will mispronouce them and be seen as a total idiot. Luckily my preceptor is excellent and has no problem helping me with the correct pronunciations before I embarass myself. I have found that I did my best on labs and nutrition, although reading the chapter really taught me some updated information I was not aware of. I really understand the importance of keeping up with everything. This course taught by Dr. Johnson has been very good so far.

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