Nursing Education and Computers


The information that we can gain to utilize in our nursing career is
significant.  I currently work with the Director of the Child Abuse team.
She is a remarkable physician and is constantly working to keep the nursing
staff up to date in assessing for child abuse.  A few years ago she showed a
video of a daycare provider’s boyfriend physical abusing an infant on a
nanny cam.  The day care provider was suspicious of her boyfriend and hid a
video camera when she left the children alone with him.  After seeing the
vicious beating on tape she immediately called the parent and had the child
brought to the local ER.  The child had not one bruise and not one broken
bone.  To see this video is to assume the child would be barley breathing.
The doctor’s intent of the video is to show us recent information about an
ongoing child abuse case and to re-enforce a child victim of abuse does not
necessarily have the marks to show it.  The current and readiness of the
Internet to help educate has kept our clinic up to date on what to look for
with child abuse.

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