Word-Processing in Health Care


Word-Processing in Health Care. The use of the computer to create, edit, format and print text is word-processing. When using the computer to create documents you should save the information on a regular basis to prevent accidental loss of valuable information, and frustration at having to try and recreate that lost info. (As I’m know to have to done on occasions to numerous to mention). Some of the nice features in word processing is the spell check feature, but you have to be care full when using it, because the word maybe spelt correctly, but is not the correct word for that part of the document. So Proof reading is essential when creating documents. There are 2 ways to prepare the formatting for a document. One is to prepare the format first. The other is to type the text and format the document after. Creating merged documents is a nice way of creating personalized form letters for individual persons. Word can print a personalized copy for each person on that merged list. This saves time and having to type or write in individual names separately. It will also merge the name with a personalized envelope when the information is entered in the correct data source fields. Presentation graphics software programs are growing fast. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most common used. PowerPoint provides the user the ability to design, create and edit presentations; to create a professional looking presentation. These presentations can be presented to the target audience in a number of ways, as a slide show, as transparencies using computer screens, as a web page, as handouts or notes or even a work book. These presentation and be simple or very involved using animation. Word processing packages include a wide variety of fonts, and can create documents with limited graphics that can be used for presentation purposes. Spreadsheets can be very helpful with tracking inventory such as medical and stationery supplies, and equipment. This will give an indication on the usage and ordering habits of the different areas. This can also show the most popular or least used products and adjustment can be made to the stock supply and bulk ordering from suppliers. Spreadsheet can be used to make things such as budgeting, and task involving numeric calculations easier and more accurate. Word processing is used in the healthcare in online documentation. Patient clinical information and progress notes is typed and entered into the computer. A chart can be made from data collected on a patient’s weight to show his/her weight gain/loss activity over a period of time. Staff can use word-processing for patient/client summaries. These summary documents can be in the form of a power point presentation. Showing improvement or decline in the patient physical and or mental health using information collected, collated and evaluated in a slide and or handout presentation.

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